Our Toll free dictation Service is based on the CRESCENDO platform, an industry standard in Digital dictation Services. This provides immense flexibility to the Physician who can call into our server from any ordinary telephone from anywhere in the world and give the dictation . To use this Services is as easy as 1.2.3..

Call our toll free number.
Enter the two digit Facility ID assigned to you and enter # sign.
Enter your three digit Caller ID and enter # sign.
Start recording your dictation.
When finished just hang up or enter 5 and hang up.
If you want to do another dictation enter 8 and continue recording.
To pause enter 1 and to continue after the pause enter 2.
To playback enter 3.
(This will take you back in 3 seconds increments every time you press 3).
To go to the beginning of the recoring and hear it enter 7.
To jump forward enter 4.
To play from a stop or pause enter 9.
To get a dictation reference number enter 2 at any time during the dictation.

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